Monday, April 06, 2009

Sourdough Saga

Plain onigiri/lemper/飯糰
If you are anticipating the product of my sourdough project, with utmost regret I must inform you that it had not turned out like I had hoped. I choose not to display its photo for its very sight evoke a deep heartache. Johnnie Jnr, as I have come to name my starter affectionately, was no doubt an active yeast culture, but sadly the dough was something else. The aroma was wonderful but the bread was crumbly and dense, nothing like the sourdough I bought at the market the morning following the death of my bread. This is not the end of my sourdough project. When time permits, I will start another batch of sourdough starter and hopefully, a successful sourdough loaf! For this week, I shall stick with rice to ail this heart ache.

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