Friday, April 10, 2009

Scallop Aladin

Black truffle scallops on crispy potato and prociutto - Batch 1
Scallop Aladin, can you please explain this? Why of course. If you look closely, you'll realize that the prosciutto resembles Aladin's flying carpet. Name out of the way, let's get down to the food itself.

I think this is too messy for party finger food but it's great for home finger food. I peeled one medium sized potato, sliced it as thinly as I possibly could and pan fried it with a little bit of oil until it's brown and crispy on both sides. Next is the prosciutto but this time, without oil. Blot both potatoes and prosciutto on absorbent paper. Last but not least of the cooking steps is the scallops. Halve it lengthway and heat truffle butter on your pan until it's frothy, then chuck in the scallops taking care not to overcook them. Arrange on plate and serve as soon as you could and don't add anymore salt, the prosciutto has that taken care of.
You scoop it up with a spoon, adding some greens and in it goes. A note for anyone who is about to try this recipe at home: consider the size of each ingredient before getting over-excited about the cooking. You'd want to be able to eat this in one mouthfull without stretching those beautiful lips and chewing with your cheeks buldging out. Not only this is unsightly (but if you're eating alone, who cares), it also impairs your taste buds to experience the taste and the texture as a whole.
Black truffle scallops on crispy potato and prociutto - Batch2
For my second batch, I made gravy from the pan juice to go with the dish. Using beer to make the gravy brought out the flavour of the truffle, the fume filled my apartment and set off my fire alarm. It's fantastic fun! If you can think of a song or a piece fast enough you could hum along to the beat of the beeps.

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