Friday, April 17, 2009

Midnight Ramen

Don't do this at home, at least not at this time of the night. I was already in bed, tucked in and some animation playing in my computer right next to me when slowly but surely a craving for ramen that I have tried to suppressed for days crept up to me. So I googled for pictures of ramen, which made it worse! I gave up and got up, went searching in my kitchen cupboard for any ingredients that could be somehow incorporated into making a delicious bowl of emergency ramen.
This is the vegetarian chicken
I found a vacuum pack of vegetarian chicken breast (don't ask), a vacuum pack of pickled mustard vegetable, some dried konbu, fresh egg... (we're getting there) cucumber (okay, i think I can deal with cooked cucumber), dried Malaysian anchovies (maybe this could substitute Japanese fish stock), 3 jars of assorted chilli paste, miso paste and a pack of instant ramen, JACKPOT!

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