Friday, April 24, 2009

Shitake bread rolls

Shitake bread rolls
This is the latest experimental product to be born from my kitchen, shitake bread rolls, to mark my 26th birthday. They were initially inspired by senbei or Japanese rice cracker. Apart from capturing the shoyu/soy sauce flavour, I wanted to create a bread type that is still soft, with an additional ingredient that would set it apart from other bread although admittedly marrying bread and soy sauce is almost unspeakable. In the end, after rumaging through my kitchen cupboards, I emerged with sesame oil and shitake mushroom and proceeded to make the bread.

I ran a test on my colleagues, refusing to tell them what ingredients I have used until they finish the rolls and tell me what they thought. Most people couldn't figure out the flavour although they seemed to like it. Out of about 20 people, 2 people guessed shitake mushroom, 2 mentioned sesame oil. I think next time I try something weird, I should probably give everyone a ballot paper for votes so I could compile real statistics. Hahahaha.

I will post the recipe after I return from Vanuatu so watch this space. (^^)


case_in_point said...

Happy B'day!

Vanuatu? that sounds fantastic. Have a great time!

Dr Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, Ernie!

Your bread was absolutely delicious. I think I got the starring one in the photo there. I couldn't guess the magic ingredient...but I thought it was 'love spices'.

Have a wonderful birthday week and an excellent time in Vanuatu.

Love from Amanda XX