Sunday, March 22, 2009

Double chocolate pecan biscotti

I have been humbled to have been asked by a foodie magazine in my homeland to contribute in their publications but alas, with my oven as my witness, I cannot at this time. Experiments call and I see in a distance stretched out beyond the excitement of significant differences, funny GTT and ITT curves and RNA extraction... a time when my science and my love of food will meet and marry.

For now, reperforming a nostalgic recipe will do. I made double chocolate pecan biscotti last night for two reasons. First, I hope that it will gain me some forgiveness for a mishap with someone close and secondly, I haven't made biscotti for soooo long. It's one of those recipes that I'm a bit intimidated by. A number of times I made this, it always came out tasting very chemical-ee which I believe comes from the baking soda. So this time, armed with a bag of self raising flour that has twice the fibre of normal flour (and it's not wholemeal), I proceeded.

I tested two at breakf... I mean, brunch, with coffee and I think it's okay. I love the chocolate surprises that comes in every bite (I had chopped the chocolate to very fine pieces) and the texture of baked pecans. The crunch and aroma of baked pecan is something else that surpasses peanut, hazelnut and walnut. Overall, I personally thing that this is a pass.


Anita said...

Biscotti is one of my favourite biscuits and these look so tasty - I wouldn't have been about to wait until brunch :) .

Ernie [Kiki] Yulyaningsih said...

Hi Anita,

Yay to biscotti!

You have a really beautiful blog and what an impressive chocolate cone you have on your site!! :D