Monday, January 19, 2009

Salt-rubbed ocean trout

I was inspired by the salmon posted in Curiously Ravenous. The other night I came home from work with an almost-obsessive-like determination to cook up a storm. The bread from my previous post were the result of the cooking fever as were the potato salad and a turnip and carrot stew in dashi stock (not shown). God forgive me for I skinned my vegetables, threw away the water in which I boiled them, mashed them and mixed them with copious amount of mayonaise and sodium.

In the picture is salt rubbed ocean trout that I left overnight before grilling, seaweed salad, potato salad and shredded eggs, which usually comes as a obligatory side dish in nasi kuning, nasi uduk, nasi tumpeng and all sorts of nasi dishes (nasi means rice in Indonesian). It was a delicious satisfying meal that was just right. (^-^)


Shane said...

Hey Ernie

Always love drooling over your work.
I just started making my own yoghurt and fast cheeses (feta/ricotta)...all too easy.

Ernie [Kiki] Yulyaningsih said...

Hey Shane,

Are you still doing research? Is it difficult to make yogurt? Do you have to culture them for a while?

Any chance that you have been/would be documenting your cheese making process? Hey, can you do soft cheese like cammebert and brie?