Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Bake-Fest

I made some chocolate pull-aparts in my favorite cake tin. The chocolate bread is bread dough mixed in with roughly a gazillion shreds of finely chopped dark chocolate. I fermented the dough overnight and after shaping, I left the dough to proof for about 6 hours. It's Sunday after all when time is a luxury that one needs no justification to savour.
The rest of the dough was converted into crusty plain bread rolls and salami batons. I think I finally got it. This morning I made just one bread bun from the lot of dough. I left it in the oven for a bit longer than I usually would and without my usual egg wash. A thick layer of crust formed and it was delicious. There was no need to add pats of butter for the smell evaporating from the roll was enough.

As for the salami batons, I topped the dough with tomato paste (instead of tomato sauce) after egg wash. I've been feeding my colleagues with previously made vegetarian sausage bread and one of them commented that the tomato sauce was too sweet. Having replaced vegetarian sausage which consisted of Asian flavouring and spices with Mediteranian style cured sausage, I thought this bread would capture the essence of pizza if I used tomato paste together with the rest of my usual ingredients: oregano, mayonaisse (not so pizza-like but I simply cannot live without this ingredient) and parmesan cheese.
I broke my pastry brush...

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Anita said...

What lovely looking chocolate pull-aparts! I also like nice relaxing Sundays :)