Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fatty BoomBoom

My sister, Henny, and her boyfriend, Fatty Boom-Boom, are visitting Sydney this week and it gives me a fantastic chance to stuff them silly like the making of foie gras. Last night on the way home we bought some bacon flavoured mini vegetarian sausages, making me the most armed and dangerous sistah in Sydney. I made some mini hotdogs with them, topped with a good heap of scallions/spring onions and mozzarella.

Time of birth: 11:32
Time of death: 15:50
Number of alledged perpetrators: 3 (with Fatty Boom-Boom committing most of the crime)

Henny & BoomBoom doing the Shaolin pose in Darling Harbour

Note. Calling someone Fatty Boom-Boom is only funny because the "fat" bit is not true. It would of course be rude and unfunny if it was otherwise.

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