Monday, June 22, 2009


Fresh dumplings

My next holiday destination is China. Yes, it is indeed true and sad, I am a Chinese who has never stepped foot in China. I was invited to lunch by two of my colleagues who had passed their medical exam after only 8 weeks of preparation which if I may say is trully an exceptional achievement. The table was filled with happy dialogues and exchanges in Chinese in which I found my self lost after 15 minutes or so, unable to catch up with the conversations and jokes that were thrown around. Nevertheless, I was happy to have a place on the table amongst the esteemed senior scientists. A thought often tickles my mind, how about China after PhD or even after PostDoc? I do miss Asia, especially the food.

Dumpling dough, a love affair of water and wheat flour

Another colleague of mine had invited me to her home about a year ago and her mother and her had so kindly taught me of the art of 水餃 (shui jiao), which was the most amazing dumpling I had ever tasted. The texture of their home made dumpling skin turned me into a dumpling-skin snob so much that I would look down upon any ready made dumpling skins. I thought it would be appropriate to make some dumplings tonight.



Anonymous said...

Dumpling dough... em.. I saw some pillows there
- XY

Ernie Yulyaningsih said...

i know, both functional and edibly delicious. :D