Sunday, November 30, 2008

Por el amor di pan!!

There are some things that make living alone and with a small fridge a bit inconvenient. Most herbs come in a huge bunches. With short fridge life, it is a guarantee that a good portion of them is going to be wasted.

I bought a bunch of spring onions/scallions because I wanted to make soup that called for 2 stalks of spring onions... but what to do with the rest of it? I thought of 蔥油餅 (Taiwanese spring onion pancake). Ivy's mother taught me how to make them a few years ago. She kept her own vegetable and herb garden and said that when there was an overflow of spring onion harvest, she'd make the pancakes. They were so wholesome and so simple to make.

Seen here is capicola wheels. I made a bread version of Mrs Hao's spring onion pancake, but on an impromptu round, I added coppa/capicola and parmesan.

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