Monday, January 01, 2007

fresh new year, fresh noodle

Happy new year!! (^o^) I hope everyone has had a great 2006 and a fantastic holiday. My parents came over for my graduation and left on Christmas day. I got miserably ill that day and couldn't stomach anything solid for a few miserable days. I recovered just in time to welcome the new years with my cousins and their cousins, one of whom came from Adelaide for the Christmas break. I went along with them to the city and on our stop at Borders I found a recipe book for pasta. I knew I shouldn't buy another recipe book so after hugging it for about an hour, I let go, keeping in my memory the basic recipe to make fresh pasta.

I've always wanted to make my own fresh noodle. I have this Korean DVD and its opening scene is of a guy making noodle in a really peaceful and homey kitchen. Today I made my first batch of noodle/pasta (call it whatever you like). I flavoured it with dried chilli. It turned out well except I think I needed fresher eggs and I should have rolled out the noodle a bit thinner (I don't have pasta maker, so I rolled it out with baking pin).

I quickly tossed the final product in my garlic infused olive oil, lemon juice, freshly cracked black pepper, dried chilli and flat parsley and topped it with a bit of shaved parmesan.

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mamafami said...

You are a one creative girl, do you know that. You have the patience to do the noodles manually. Mama tidaklah serajin kamu! Hehehe...tapi kalau makan, rajin aja! Happy New Year 2007 to you...