Friday, January 01, 2010

Lobster chawan mushi

Chawanmushi A little side dish: chawan mushi (savoury steamed egg custard)
From my last lobster recipe, I had a little bit of leftover raw lobster meat which I decided to turn into savoury steamed egg otherwise known as chawan mushi. I think chawan mushi is quite healthy and low in fat. There is no added fat and you can toy with the salt/sodium content as you season the dish. It's virtually healthy whole protein and it's really quite easy to make and it tastes great. You can use any fish or prawns for this recipe. For my other version of chawan mushi, have a look at my previous post on steamed fritatta.

Extra trimmings of the lobster tail

The essential ingredient in chawan mushi is egg which needs to be beaten up lightly and mixed with broth. 1 egg will make 2 small servings of the dish. Remeber, chawan mushi is made and served in teacups so they're small. I used about 4:3 ratio of egg and broth to which I add 2 teaspoons of good white wine. Season with salt.

Place the chunks of lobster meat in a tea cup and steam it in the teacups for 5 minutes until you can see juice in the cup.

Beat the egg mixture again lightly and add it into the teacups. Steam a further few minutes until you see that the top of the savoury egg custard is starting to go puffy. Continue to steam the egg custard on low heat for another 1 minute or so, then serve with chopped spring onions on top. I happen to have spring onion mixed with miso paste in my fridge so I used that for mine and it tastes great. :) Happy cooking!

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