Sunday, December 07, 2008

Master Chef

Last week I received an email from Graeme de Vallance, a casting director from A Cast of Thousands about a reality show and I thought I'd post it up here. I think this is such a great idea and I encourage anyone who is a foodie or amateur/non-professional chef to go out there and battle it out. I'd do it myself if I'm not already committed for the next 2-3 years to my PhD.

The search is on to find Australia’s first true MasterChef. Network Ten wants every kitchen wannabe from amateur chefs to budding foodies to toss their chef’s hat in the ring…each hoping to become…Australia’s next super Chef.A real life drama will play out as the contestant’s kitchen courage is put to the ultimate test. From the lows of failure to the highs of success, our cast of characters will be catapulted from starters to mains then desserts and back again.IN 2009 WE ARE ABOUT TO SEE WHO CAN TAKE THE HEAT…AND WHO HAD BETTER GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN!To apply, go to

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