Friday, August 22, 2008


I joined the army of Sydney siders on their weekly ritual of late night shopping. Together with Ayse, we indulged in our sick little obsession with homewares and I found my new chopstick rest and a square plate. I thought about getting two but I'm slowly coming into terms with the fact that I live alone and I'd never cook for anyone else but my selfish-selfish self.

Last night's hunt is today presented here in dinner. I wouldn't call this low fat, but I do believe strongly that it is quite healthy. I've been so obsessed with making bento lately and contrary to my preconception, that was perhaps based on my inability to plan and shop smart, it doesn't have to cost more than usual. Instead of planning my plate beforehand, I'd plan it after I do my grocery shopping. That way, I could buy things that are on special that week (eg. tofu, strawberry) but also keeping in mind that I need variety in colors (ie. vegetables and fruit). It works out quite well, as things that are on special are often seasonal best.

This is rice porridge/congee, (Ingham's frozen) chicken steak, a salad of asian greens topped with seaweed salad and tofu (that threatens to go bad if it has to live another day in my fridge), strawberry and green grapes with a tablet of Lindt 70% chocolate. If my mother could witness my eating habbit, perhaps she'd stop worrying that I'm on an eternal diet and thus on my merry way to a lifetime of diseases and illness.

On the side are two books from two of my most favourite people who have both taught me much and inspired a passion for science. Harumi's Japanese Home Cooking by Harumi, Kurikara from Masa and Envie de grands classiques, brought over as a gift from Laurence's recent trip home to France. Thank you both so much. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ernie

Havent checked your blog for a while but the latest offerings are very impressive. Ive been cooking a bit lately too. A friend brought over collards (grown by me) and black eyed peas with smoked pork- very nice. A week before I did salmon and tuna marinated overnight in lime/ginger/chervil/garlic chives in nori rolls for a friend who just had an operation. South east asian style sushi worked very well- Im surprised more people don't try doing variations on the sushi classics.

Ive started blogging weekly if you are ever curious about my farming life:

Okra and watermelon season can't be too far away, and we have a flood of boysenberries coming too.