Sunday, December 09, 2007

bento magique

my bento 1: black sesame & brown rice onigiri (rice ball) topped with umeboshi (pickled japanese plum), braised lotus root marinated in sweet soy sauce, all on a bed of shredded cabbage.
my bento 2: omelette bed, tuna salad, Korean pickled raw squid and vegetarian sausage.


Sparkling Lurve said...

kiki.. after lookin at ur blog.. i'm now very hungry. >.<

Shane in Australia said...

I miss reading your blog- is Sydney so unkind that you havent cooked in so long?

Lots of summer tastes here- best recent dish was okra, thinly sliced and rolled in polenta then fried, with fish covered in sumac on the side. Dreaming of winter crops already (snow peas and parsnips by the wheel barrow full!). Shane in Brisbane