Sunday, November 27, 2005

like superglue

midnight baker
the midnight baker is finally confirmed a UQ graduant for graduation ceremony on the 7th of Decembre, 2PM. :P if you click into the picture and if you're wondering why i blacked out two rows... it's because i have a double degree. kakak, that's right. BSc(Biochemistry)/BA(French language & Mathematics). *tears of joy* after 3 months of worrying that i might fail my last semester. it's been one hell of a year and i'm still in one piece and unbreakable... like superglue thanks to everyone who kept me sane; Cece, Gina, Maša, Crystal, Gumby, Papa & Mama. i love you!!!
watch this space for some crazy cake coming up real soon.

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yasmina said...

congratulations! looks like all your hard work has paid off! good luck in your future endeavours...